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Internationally Diverse Folk Singer-Songwriter Bryan Yurcan Has a New Sensational Ep Dubbed “Songs for Eclectic Weirdos,” Streaming on All Platforms!

As a music aficionado, I have listened to singers who can actually hold a melody or two, but few quite actually live out a song, tell a  story through them and put the listener in the shoes of someone else; this is where Bryan Yurcan comes in- I don’t know if it is just a natural thing or it has grown over time but this eclectic powerhouse has mastered the ability to transport an audience to different places, making them observe through different lenses. And that is real talent; as he simply puts it, he writes songs about people, things, and places.

Bryan Yurcan really thinks in melody and can find melody in absolutely everything, and I can tell this is a joy and also a subtle form of insanity! I have been listening to tracks from his vast discography, and I observed that none of his songs sound the same, yet they share a common denominator: perception, examination, and impression…as deep as a fingerprint, and that is exactly the case with his 4-track EP, “Songs for Eclectic Weirdos,” that is now streaming on all the major platforms.

I’d like to call what Bryan Yurcan does “observational melody”: he thinks of people, places, and things he knows and views life from their perspective, and then from there he is able to translate it all into the melody with that near-universal appeal. As someone who has seen the really good and the extremely ugly, this also helps the stories he tells via his coined ‘garage folk’ type of sound!

“Songs for Eclectic Weirdos” is the perfect way to start the year, rooted in growth and introspective melody. The trippy, laid-back guitar-dominant production and folk-country blend is made for the smokers, the drivers, the cruisers, the aunties, the spiritual, and the scorned lovers!

“When the Days are Long” is a masterclass in guitar technology that seamlessly blends a breathtaking sense of showmanship with awe-inspiring musicality. You can feel the raw emotions over the soulfully powerful lead and backing harmonies. This is the type of track that puts you in a certain mood, and you know it. And the mere emotional feel around it allows a listener to connect deeply with it—it speaks straight into your heart and soul!

“Long Road (To Kalamazoo)” is a proper country ballad. Building on the quintessential storytelling flair associated with the genre and the typical acoustic guitar, this tune gives quite the impression that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. And Bryan Yurcan really has got that cowboy voice that pertains to the genre appeal of country!

“At the End of the Day” has got that warm and haunting summer vibe blended with Bryan Yurcan’s elegant and inimitable voice. It is easy to escape with your mind in the middle of the night! As always, Bryan wants to tell a story, and this time he decides to do so by taking the listener to a typical evening bonfire with a guitar by the sea—this tune is so chilling and soothing. Typically, this is the music you want to listen to after a long day!

“Many-Colored Roses” is also emotional and really meaningful. This is an affirmative song that touches on the need to forget loss and regret and to look forward to better days ahead. As wisdom will have it, your past is a servant that has made you all you are now—not a companion to spend much time with your present or a friend to carry into your spotless future!

To listen to this impressive body of work in its entirety; follow the attached link and let it all soak in!

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