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Feel the Unwavering Personality of Rapper BT the Artist in His Latest Track “Risks”

With relentless top-notch production and performance value doused with a signature style of swagger that will easily draw you in as a listener, Hip Hop pioneer BT the Artist proves with his newest single “Risks” that he’s continuing to hit the ground running without any intention of stopping anytime soon.

On his latest hit, “Risks,” he collaborated with Kevin Hues to produce an innovative and remarkable single with a smooth flow of exciting rhythm achieved through steady rhythmical progression and brilliant chord structure. This is the kind of flow that acts as a benchmark for the genre’s creators. They both compliment each other, resulting in an outstanding partnership with a formulaic and multifaceted existence. To remain in sync with his rhythm, the medium-paced and hyped-up production necessitates a lyrical flow like BT the Artist’s

BT the Artist possesses a versatile wordplay skill that hovers deftly between mainstream Hip Hop and trap sensibilities, offering an authentic style that touches on equal parts creativity and familiarity, providing his audience with a listening experience that is both fresh and instantly recognizable. It’s a smart strategy that incorporates key elements from both yesterday’s and today’s more pivotal Hip Hop eras.


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