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Atlanta-based multifaceted singer-songwriter Carmine Davis is set to release his highly anticipated single, “I know what boys like…”

An incredibly gifted musician who blends pop and dance with his R&B slinking vocals, Carmine Davis is a burgeoning gay artist with over 9K Spotify monthly listeners and millions of streams amassed from his impressive discography. He is also a podcast host and producer who delves into open, raw, and honest eye-opening conversations, shedding light on important issues that society has few others talking about

As an artist, his focus has always been to create original music that engages listeners in gripping stories. His music possesses a distinct power that defies resistance, transcending even the toughest of hearts. The dance melodies weave through the cracks in our emotional armor, unlocking a world of emotions and connections that words alone could never hope to reach.

In that spirit of creating music that transcends barriers and creates that profound connection with the listener, Carmine has an upcoming release dubbed “I know what boys like…” a 3-track release that will feature the original track and two manipulated versions to reflect that ebullient dance spirit.

Drawing from the core of classic rock, “I know what boys like…” is a catchy masterpiece with retro aesthetics and striking vocals exuding such an irresistibly racy vibe. The danceable quality makes it the best dance-floor accompaniment.

“I know what boys like…” is scheduled for official release on September 25, 2023, and it is not one to miss.

This track is all about control, owning your own sexuality, and the pleasure of unapologetically living your life and being proud of who you are.

Sexy, charming, and backed by uncontainable energy and memorable melodies, “I know what boys like…” epitomizes ear candy!

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