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Monroe-based musician Chaoz’s “Same Road” connects to its listener on a deep emotional level!

Chaoz - Same Road

Chaoz is a multi-disciplinary creative artist and the owner of OPZ Entertainment LLC, based out of West Monroe, Louisiana. Over time, he has developed a penchant for telling relatable narratives through dynamic-fueled music that is rooted in hip-hop, rap, R&B, and even soul. He was surrounded by music from a young age, and those early musical experiences had a lasting impact on him. He cites the singers he heard as a child as well as the guidance he received while studying at Grambling State University as major influences in developing his own signature sound.

Throughout his career, Chaoz has remained dedicated to exploring new avenues in music and striving to create something truly original and innovative; “Same Road” is a shining example of that!

Artfully walking over the laid-back, warm beats and operating between silky soulful and smooth with his vibrant voice, Chaoz goes on to unleash a deeply emotional tale about his life effortlessly and with a flawless invention.

“Same Road” has an across-the-board appeal thanks to its soul, R&B, and hip-hop features that have been coherently concocted and attractively served as one impressive body of work that possesses plenty of souls.

Chaoz conveys such a warm, lush, and deep core throughout the record, earning it immediate originality. Truly an impressive vocalist, Chaoz’s style here is self-assured and assertive, in a track that is tremendous both in lyrical content and delivery, matching the strong musical theme!

Chaoz has always been drawn to musicians who aren’t afraid to take risks and try new things, and over the period he has been an artist, he has been striving to do the same with his own music and is always looking for ways to contribute something fresh and innovative to the genre.

Get acquainted with his work of sublime ingenuity by streaming “Same Road” and adding it to your music library.

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