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Salt Lake-based multifaceted Indie pop artist Charlie Pineda’s latest “Im Here” is deeply meaningful and relatable

Charlie Pineda’s musicality can actually be described as the perfect mix of attitude, messaging, and sound. Staying true to his logic, his style of music is eclectic and an impressive blend of pop, rock, punk, and bop, as he seems to have conceived a secret ingredient to produce quality works. His vocal versatility is very natural and one that really surprises you when you first hear it—very beautiful and unique in a satisfying way.

His latest piece, “Im Here” starts with an inviting laid-back pop thrill, and as the track builds, a strong drum riff partnered with sharp rock-sounding guitars is integrated. The chorus parts almost emulate a pop-rock feel that adds a lot of intrigue to the tune. The lively nature of the track helps give the meaningful message focus for relatable impact.

The tight, incredibly smooth drums, the clean guitar tones, and the understatedly distorted riffs create an engaging groove that fashions a dynamic flow that runs through the song structure from start to finish, ensuring that this is a memorable melody that you can never get off of your mind.

Charlie Pineda’s effortlessly powerful, glossy vocals create a rhythmic ensemble with the beats, and he possesses that particular voice that perfectly helps bring out the gentle nuance and emotional qualities of this particular tune.

This is an anthem for all those who refuse to give up on their loved ones despite being pushed away, choosing to stick with them during tumultuous times marred with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and general heartbreaks.

Again, the lively nature of the track helps give this particularly sentimental message a lighter note, even with the more serious phrases. This feels like the crown jewel of Charlie’s songwriting: a short, direct, and deeply relatable message, under a haunting melody that you surely won’t forget.

To listen to this inspiring masterpiece, follow the attached link and add it straight up in your library.

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