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chase monroe delivers a breathtakingly beautiful performance with his latest single, “I Don’t Wanna Be Here,” featuring Death G.

chase monroe has always carried with him an immeasurable love and passion for music from a very young age, and when the opportunity arose, he began transforming his musical passion into a career, creating his own emo-inspired tracks at the age of 14, as that was the hot deal then. Now aged 19, he has obviously grown and honed his craft in songwriting, sound design, and musical style, which has allowed him to develop his own knack for developing hit tracks within the tradition of first-class versatile music. He refuses to be boxed in and likes to explore, stretching the limits of his own imagination and breaking the boundaries of sounds in order to come up with music that is both unique and equally accessible to wider demographics. He is swiftly making his indelible imprint, one song at a time, and it won’t be long before the music world recognizes his rare gifts!

He is back with another beautifully performed and excellently executed tune dubbed “i don’t wanna be here” featuring another artist, Death G.

This tune revels in its definite sense of poignant lyricism and brilliantly smooth demeanor, thanks to the gentle yet powerful production that wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace.

monroe’s emotion-drenched, R&B-laced vocals slink through the track with subtle confidence as he takes a listener through poignant emotions over the equally touching production that features thoughtfully hit guitar tones, decent pop arrangements, and blue-eyed soul influences.

The guest artist Death G delivers a memorable performance and elevates the song to newer and higher heights with his equally heartfelt conviction.

This is the kind of music that really gets a listener and hits them right on the spot. It is an undeniable soul-stirring performance that is sure to captivate a music lover with its infectious melodies and deep vocals.

To listen to this jam and sing along, check out the official lyric video on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to Monroe’s channel, like the tune, share it, and add it to your own playlist.

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