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Celebrity Chef and Musician Chef Porter Cooks up a Delicious Masterpiece Dubbed “H.O.M.E. (Here on My Everything)” Featuring J. Isaac.

While most of you might have gotten used to seeing him making moves in the kitchen cooking up some mouth-watering dishes, Chef Porter proves that he is also equal to the task as a musician with his latest banger, “H.O.M.E. (Here On My Everything),” featuring the phenomenally gifted vocalist J. Isaac, who embellishes the track with his golden voice and irresistible hooks.

In many respects, this track is a radio-friendly and universal anthem that is almost certain to leave you awe-inspired and coming back for more. The track is refreshing and exciting, backed by that unique and exquisite lyrical narrative from Chef Porter, as he unleashes his lyrical dominance in a way that allows the listener to find their own relatability within the lyrics.

“H.O.M.E. (Here On My Everything)” begins with a classical piano sequence that sets the tone for the track before the nostalgic beat takes over, evoking old-school vibes. J. Isaac then breathes life into the lyrical narrative with his polished voice as he delivers that memorable chorus that forms the backbone of this masterpiece.

Chef Porter then stamps his authority with an impeccable flow and fascinating lyrical content in support of the track’s theme and essence. While some might argue that a slick blend of hip-hop and R&B isn’t the most original idea out there, Chef Porter manages to find his own niche with the sheer presence of his personality.

This track feels perfectly positioned to catapult Chef Porter into the arms of an eagerly awaiting public as he cements his place and makes his mark in the music industry, one song at a time.

An inspirational masterpiece, “H.O.M.E. (Here On My Everything)” is an ode to always appreciating the small things in life and letting go of the past in order to lead a fulfilling life. This performance actually reminded me of J Cole’s own words in “Middle Child”: “What good is the bread if my niggas is broke? What good is first class if my niggas can’t sit?”.

This is a track that deserves to be on any R&B or hip-hop playlist; to add it to your own playlist, follow the attached link and run it up for Chef Porter and J. Isaac.

To stay updated with Chef Porter’s work, follow him on Instagram.


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