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Budding Australian songstress Christine Tarquinio delivers a stirring and heartfelt performance in her latest release, “All Angles”

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Christine Tarquinio is a soulful singer who has dedicated her life to connecting with people on a deeper, emotional level and delivering messages directly to the hearts of her listeners. As she has gotten older, her profound connection to the world of music has only deepened. Her authenticity and unwavering commitment to her artistic vision make her a rising star in the world of music, as she brings a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and a vulnerable heart. What really sets Christine apart is her innate competency to blend musical prowess with authentic, vulnerable lyricism. She is not afraid to share with the world her personal struggles, she’s human and imperfect just like everyone else, and she hopes to restore hope with her new music and inspire others to embrace their true selves, giving them confidence to pursue their dreams without reservations or fear.

Christine returns with a soul-stirring, hauntingly beautiful, evocative, and meaningful performance with her latest single, “All Angles” that is inspired by the intricacies of struggles within and the strength and effort it takes to act like everything is under control while you might be on the verge of losing it all, but you keep a fighting face and invoke that resilient spirit lurking inside you not only for your sake, but also for the sake of your loved ones.

The intro is all mellow and blissful, with the poignantly hit piano mirroring the melancholic feel of the song. This smooth and laid-back foundation provides a captivating backdrop for Christine’s soulful, emotional, and gently powerful voice as she breathes life and infuses the song with deep-seated emotions.

As the song progresses, the piano melodies are heightened, and depth is added by the precise and straight-to-the-point drums as well as the charmingly strummed guitar. Christine reels a listener in with that powerful and deep chorus that encapsulates the emotional depth of this track.

I like how, towards the end, she packs those higher registers, showcasing such dynamic vocal range and power as well as control.

For me, “All Angles” is profoundly touching, deeply relatable, and memorable—an easy recommendation to any music lover.

Stream this heartfelt single, add it to your library, and recommend it to your friends.


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