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Dublin-based indie rock outfit circle round a sphere exemplify timelessness with their latest single “seti”

circle round a sphere is an up-and-coming rock outfit based out of Dublin, Ireland, who are bringing energized interpretations of songs and impassioned performances combined with a singularly potent mix of influences across genre lines. This is one of the most dynamic, creative, and musically invigorating rock outfits to emerge in recent times. So far this year, they have released seven tracks as they continue making their mark in the music industry in the hope of creating authentic soundtracks for a generation

In hindsight, the single “seti” feels like a forecast of what to expect from them: a raw and vibrant mash-up of pop and rock delivered with such energy and passion, backed by such accomplished songwriting and the self-assured vocal performance.

I love the raw feeling of the instrumentals; there is that blend of the rippling guitar riffs and the punchy drums and insane bass licks that lay the foundation for that crisp vocal performance that turns on a dime from melodic to abrasive as the track progresses—a growling vocal that contributes to the genre’s appeal of metal rock

This is a track that has stunned the rock arena with its overall ingenuity, merging unique lyrical content, rock soulfulness, measured bravado, and a rollicking sonic canvas.

“seti” was actually featured on the Indie Valley playlist, a deserved feat thanks to the sheer amount of technical dexterity on display as well as the awe-inspiring showmanship and instrumental prowess.

This performance easily earns a perfect score that deserves widespread critical acclaim. The drums crush into your eardrums like waves slamming against the rocks on a beach at high tide. The guitar, which gives this fantastic track a tremendous rock edge, is noteworthy. The icing on the cake is that enchanting vocal performance. All this, combined with the accomplished lyrics, results in a melting pot of sonic success that is impossible to ignore!

Simply playing this jam will provide a listener with an unforgettable experience, and isn’t that what we all seek in music?

This catchy and timeless piece by circle round a sphere is already streaming on major platforms. Why not immerse yourself in the experience and be sure to add it to your playlist?

Follow circle round a sphere on Instagram to keep up.

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