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Australia-Based Independent Artist Clare Easdown’s Latest Single, “Wrap Me Up,” Is as Immersive as It Is Haunting!

Clare Easdown - Wrap Me Up

Based out of Sydney, Australia, indie/alternative songstress Clare Easdown engineers music that is real, honest, and indisputably raw. Proving to be a master of her own craft, Clare markets musical resilience and is able to cook up a cocktail of experimental and adventurous sounds that should ideally not work but end up working magically with her indelible imprint plastered all over them. Her lyrics explore the diversity of the universe; the beauty and the beast, and end up offering a comprehensive study of the taunting and constant duality in one’s mind, striking the perfect balance between self-imposed limitations and deafening reality!

Drawing inspiration from life experiences, Clare Easdown delves deeply into the creative process with a vulnerable, yet thought-provoking observation that smashes all walls down. What her new single, “Wrap Me Up,” confirms is that musically, lyrically, and emotionally, nothing is off limits—everything goes for this musical canary!

Produced by Jburnsmusic, “Wrap Me Up” is an adventurous masterpiece that breaks the boundaries within pop music with a fact-finding mission through trip-hop that proves to be successful. That marriage between the beats and the melodies is in itself enough of a standout feature, and without even the slightest concern for our sanity, Clare goes on to whisk a listener to the nearest space from the earth with her beautifully haunting vocals that come off as both angelic and compulsive!

She just sucks you in with her performance, and before you know it, you are operating 10,000 feet beyond “Wrap Me Up” level with the immersive instrumentals and that engrossing vocal performance, wrapping you up in the depths of emotional gratification!

This is serious music right here, which cannot be denied even by the fiercest of critics…there is just something about this tune that will have you drooling over it every time you think about playing it all over again!

If you still think I’m kidding or yet exaggerating, how about you follow the attached link and find out for yourself how much of this honey you can lick in a day!

Catch Up With Clare Easdown on:

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