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Cle Char Harris Delivers a Profoundly Touching Cover of Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son”

Cle Char Harris Father and Son

Cle Char Harris has been committed to invoking the nostalgia of a bygone era, as she pays tribute to her family’s eclectic love for music, which was also shared by her late mother, a US Marine Corps veteran of the Korean War Era. Music, often considered the closest thing to time travel, allows Harris to connect with her family on a deeper level. Through her skillful renditions of various songs spanning across multiple artists and eras, Harris has managed to capture the essence of her family’s diverse favorites. This connection is particularly evident on the album “MIACETTI & VVL RESILIENCE II,” which has successfully fulfilled its purpose.

“Cat Stevens” originally released the tune “Father and Son” in the 70s before re-recording the track under his new name Yusuf Islam in 2007. Either way, the song still maintained its timeless and poignant status.

Cle Char Harris’s cover beautifully honors the original, yet she is still able to give it her signature stamp, which sees her utilize her stunning innovation to draw the listener in and reward them with a soothing and sentimental listening experience.

Listening to her heartfelt performance takes me back to those good old times, and with it comes a bitter/sad realization; they just don’t make this kind of music anymore. Music that is brimming with pure emotion, pure heart, and pure quality!

It is the profundity and heartfelt conviction of her performance that lures the listener from the get-go, refusing to let them go until the performance is no more. And that is the mark and quality of an accomplished performer.

And talking about variety and innovation, the entrancing saxophone over the haunting guitar melodies does not go under the radar. Adds that sonic elegance, polish, and punch to the performance, making it an irresistible masterpiece.

Cle Char Harris’s voice is emotional, pure, and soulfully raw. By all standards, she really did justice to this cover. I couldn’t be more thankful for that trip down memory lane, delivered with such penetration and poignancy to give this performance its immediate authenticity!

You can now listen to this authentic cover by following the attached link, and if you are in a jovial mood, make sure to stream the entirety of “MIACETTI & VVL RESILIENCE II” and you’ll be glad you did—it’s not only about the music but also the memories!



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