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Bask in the glory of Big Bus Dream’s subconscious mind with his latest album, “C’mon Dream”

A kind and creative soul, Big Bus Dream aims to create music that resonates with a wide demographic. He sings with a warm voice, exuding such high musicianship, enthusiasm, and sincerity that the music he performs is infectious and joyful, even when interpreting a touching ballad. It has always been obvious that he loves timeless standards and cherishes them with every rendition. It also helps that he’s got the voice, phrasing, and experience to make his music sound fresh and relevant. As an artist who started performing way back in the 80s, he has never felt compelled to merely copy his predecessors and has instead developed a sound of his own within the tradition of first-rate singing.

What Big Bus Dream enjoys most about standards and the creative process is that he can understand and relate to the music he is making. He prides himself on doing justice to the lyrics, and he tries to bring a lot of passion and fun to the music.

And as a listener is bound to experience from his latest project, “C’mon Dream”, he succeeds on all levels throughout, making some classic tunes and vintage lyrics sound as if they were written specifically for him to communicate to today’s listeners. So, strap in and enjoy this unforgettable musical odyssey!

Like most of his music, this 13-track collection manifests his subconscious state, beautifully weaved together and blended with sounds and lyrics to capture such a magnificent body of work that transcends music itself; this is a sonic odyssey into Big Bus Dream’s dreamy state of mind! The time and effort invested in this project are truly commendable. Each track represents a specific dream and seamlessly transitions into the next without the album losing its shape.

“Die Just A Little” hit a nerve in me; the high-caliber musicianship unleashed here leaves such a lasting impression. And I can say I was head over heels for that unmatched guitar picking. Spanning folk and rock, this tune efficiently operates between laid-back, guitar-fueled melodicism and intensive percussive rhythmicity, complemented by Big Bus Dream’s spotlight-stealing vocals with such a sultry range.

I had already listened to the lead single and title track, “C’mon Dream” and even now, it’s amazing how great the tune feels. The catchy, infectious, and memorable chorus at the song’s heart ingratiates itself powerfully with each new listen. This is such an ear candy that cannot be denied by its listeners.

“In My Mind” features such astounding instrumental interplay, especially with the guitar and drums. Big Bus Dream breathes life with his crisp and clear singing, transporting a listener into another dimension.

“Dying Before I Sleep” carries an understated melancholy underscored by Big Bus Dream’s immensely expressive cottony vocals and such an incredible chorus that remains with the listener outside of the song. This was such a stroke of genius, even by the artist’s standards.

There is so much to love about this album in its entirety; the way to go here is actually to ingest it from the first track all the way to the last one in order to fully experience this transcendental thrill and float in Big Bus Dream’s dreamy and fantastical world one song at a time!

As an indie artist, Big Bus Dream is really counting on your love and support because, ultimately, he makes the music for all of us, apart from it being his creative outlet.

Check out the album on major platforms, and you can also purchase it through the website

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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