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Seattle Washington Afro Pop artist Cobay’s debut single “Bad” is the perfect summer hit for your playlist

Cobay is a 25-year-old up-and-coming artist based in Seattle, Washington, coming through with a unique style and rhythmic flow that features a mixture of Afro beat, R&B and pop with every track expected to tell a narrative and give the listener a deeper understanding of his life and experiences. With his whole future ahead of him, an exciting hit that features his signature Afro beat sound with pop influences.

That blend of rhythm and melody is upbeat and danceable and features Cobay’s sweet-sounding voice as he breathes life into the lyrical narrative of this track captivatingly.  The lyrics explore the kind of situation where you are head over heels for someone, and you just want to know them a little bit more and spend more time with them.

“Bad” is basically an ode to beautiful women who really spellbind people with their looks, and as Cobay confides in us, this masterpiece was actually inspired by women in the Caribbean.

Upbeat and catchy, “Bad” is the perfect summer hit for your playlist. This track features a feel good, top down, sunny and fun vibe throughout making it the ideal banger for those late night car rides with friends, family or your significant other.

Cobay’s love for music extends far beyond recreational listening; for him, music has always been a creative tool for teaching and learning,

Cobay’s mission is to build self-esteem through music and empower young people to be confident in themselves so they can live in the moment with freedom and passion.

There is so much expected from Cobay who is at the inception of what he hopes will be a flourishing career that will go on to inspire future generations.

To stream and save this track, follow the attached link below.

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