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Germany-based punk rock band Coma Beach delivers an excellent, fast-paced performance with the track “Jesus’ Tears.”

With a sound and style as cheerful as it is timeless, Würzburg, Germany-based band Coma Beach takes you back to a time when rock music was really rock music. Critically acclaimed for its spirited performances that see each member of this quintet wear their hearts on their sleeves, the band always delivers, and that is what has earned them a massive following that is growing by the day. The raw, gritty, and energetic vocals of lead vocalist B. Kafka blend with the guitar virtuosity of Captain A. Fear and M. Blunt, the bass prowess of U. Terror and the drum dexterity of M. Lecter, reminding the world that punk rock is well and alive.

The single “Jesus’ Tears,” track number seven, is also the lead single from Coma Beach’s debut album, “The Scapegoat’s Agony.” Like their fans have come to expect, Coma Beach does not disappoint with their impassioned performance, which is raw and energy-packed.

The bass sets a warm intro right before the driving riffs underscore the punk energy of this masterpiece, providing a captivating backdrop for the singer’s gritty, expressive, and emotive vocals as he delivers with a sense of urgency and passion, emphasizing authenticity over technical perfection.

The hook, “My mad life was punished, but my spirit will take revenge,” underscore the anthemic allure of this tune and also capture the song’s thematic essence, which has been inspired by a man on revenge after undergoing a Christ-like crucifixion.

Fast-paced and haunting, this track perfectly mirrors the essence of the dead man’s spirits that will come back to haunt all those responsible for his death. The lively concoction is further amplified by the emphatic drums as the rhythm guitar adds depth and elegance to an already exquisite masterpiece.

“Jesus’ Tears” is available everywhere for streaming, with an official lyric video out on YouTube.

Preserving the purity of punk rock with a tried, tested, and approved style, Coma Beach proves exactly who they claim to be!


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