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Alternative rock aficionado Couchboy cooks up a masterful earworm with his double single, “Treason”.

From a young age, Couchboy seemed destined to become a juggernaut in the entertainment world. His melodious voice captured hearts, foreshadowing the preeminent career that awaited him. His musical and vocal prowess was apparent early on, and as he grew, his voice matured like fine wine, gaining depth, range, and an emotional resonance that touched the soul. He served as the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the band “JASPER” until the summer of 2021. Wanting to elevate his career, he decided to fully develop as an original solo artist, giving birth to Couchboy. His music blends rock and pop, enriched with diverse influences from punk, country, and industrial genres.

“Treason” is his latest double single, now streaming globally on all major platforms. As always, he delivers gems for both his ardent fans and new listeners through his distinguished songwriting and impassioned delivery.

The title track is a rock music tour de force; it unfolds with vibrant riffs, backed by a rapid rock ‘n roll beat that captivates listeners and elevates their heartbeat. The guitar work is exceptional, paired with warm vocals that command the listener’s attention. This powerful track captures the true spirit of rock ‘n roll, backed by a superb arrangement, outstanding production, and flawless singing.

On the B-side, “Summer”, Couchboy showcases a different vibe, embracing a rootsy sound that evokes nostalgia, with noticeable country influences. His polished vocals shine as he displays a knack for country-rock storytelling.

“Treason” truly stands out, so it’s no surprise that it has already garnered over 2K Spotify streams in a short time.

To add this double single to your playlist, follow the attached link below and be sure to recommend the songs to your friends.

For more information about Couchboy and his pioneering artistry, check out the link:


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