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Atlanta-Based Wordsmith COWBOY5 Displays His Versatility and Range in the Smash Project “Turn Up”

Mark the name Cowboy5 because the next time you hear the name, it will be ringing out loud at a sold-out venue near you. This Atlanta-based rapper has cultivated a genuine love and passion for music ever since he was young, feeding on countless quantities of music from some of his best musicians and perfecting his rapping skills that have enabled him to grow into the seasoned performer that he is today. He has barely scratched the surface with so much ahead when it comes to the material he wants to put out there that will go on to elevate him to international acclaim!

As someone who grew up in the streets flirting with danger now and again, he had developed a higher degree of literacy and the kind of unrivaled street-smart exposure that has gone on to characterize his rhymes over his expensively staged productions!

Combining sharp-witted lyricism and high-end production, Cowboy5 makes his mark with an unmatched and exotic performance in the track, “Turn Up.” Lyrically assassinating over the blazing beats that exude that street spirit, Cowboy5 is not shy about testing the depth of his lyricism with some clever punchlines and hard-hitting bars that are thought-provoking and mood-evoking.

“Turn Up” is that type of anthem that is best enjoyed with some glass of bourbon or over shots of Tequila in a smoky night club somewhere in uptown. You have got to love the thumping bass lines, pounding drums, low-end 808s, and atmospheric snares that all come together for one unforgettably deep sound you really can’t get enough of.

“Turn Up” also has an eye-catching and expensive complementary music video that adds to the track’s hypnotic features. With more than 215K views, I have a feeling this is something you’d really want to watch!

To “Turn Up” in whatever style you deem fit, follow the attached link, subscribe to Cowboy5’s YouTube channel, like this video, and add this track to your playlist!

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