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Cristy B!’s latest EP, “My Story” is a soulful journey through resonant narratives and timeless rhythms.

Dallas-born multi-talented artist Cristy B! presents her captivating 6-song EP, “My Story,” a soul-stirring musical voyage that showcases her exceptional vocal prowess and dedication to crafting resonant narratives through soulful R&B and subtle hip-hop compositions.

The EP opens with the title track, “My Story,” an emotive powerhouse that resonates with an old-school vibe, evoking nostalgia while showcasing Cristy’s remarkable vocal range, reminiscent of music legends. Her soulful lead vocals intertwine seamlessly with captivating backing choral harmonies, creating an unforgettable experience that lingers long after the song ends. With its infectious charm, this song embodies the essence of soul and R&B at its finest, leaving a lasting imprint on the heart.

“Easier,” featuring LA The Lost Angel, tugs at heartstrings effortlessly, blending hauntingly beautiful vocals with impeccable instrumentation. The fusion of soul, R&B, and rap influences creates an irresistible allure that captivates listeners.

“Stop N Go” takes a lively turn, presenting a dense, synthetic banger with vibrant tones that invite listeners to dance. Here, Cristy channels a presence reminiscent of Beyoncé, infusing the track with an energetic vibe that amplifies its appeal.

Included in this EP is the critically acclaimed “Pineapple Express – Special Version,” a fan-favorite track that continues to captivate. Cristy’s soulful and alluring vocals have the perfect backdrop thanks to its contemplative tone and accompanying keys and guitar melodies. The song’s empowering anthem-like quality, enriched by backing vocal harmonies, leaves an indelible mark, resonating as an addictive and inspiring tune.

Cristy B!’s “My Story” EP is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt invitation to connect with her artistry and narratives. With a pure desire to share her musical journey and resonate with audiences on a deeper level, Cristy’s project serves as a beacon of connection and comfort, inviting listeners to find their own stories within her lyrical tapestry and fostering a sense of unity through soulful melodies and resonant storytelling.

Adding these tracks to your playlist is effortless; follow the link below and immerse yourself in this enchanting music, born of talent and limitless dedication.


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