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Multicolored indie rock band Cultural Frequency delivers a tasteful eclectic single dubbed “Grunge Cowboy” off of their “Heard The News Today?” album.

The capacity of one spectrum of indie bands, Cultural Frequency, to harness ingenuity in service of musical excellence deserves to be widely acclaimed. A band that is made up of half its members from the Pacific Northwest and the other half from Yucatan has been dedicated to restoring the lost glory of organic rock by tapping into the sound of the golden age and delivering it with that modern-day vitality and glamour whilst also leaning towards a genre-blending style that integrates other elements from popular styles for one wholesome listening experience.

What you get in return for subscribing to this fantastic musical escapade are foot-tapping retro vibes, irresistible riffs, and contagious energy to last you a lifetime. Cultural Frequency has been generating buzz following the release of their full-length album, “Heard The News Today?” which has been widely received by an eager set of fans who seem to be entranced by the level of musical excellence on display.

“Grunge Cowboy” is a single off the album and an exciting one at that. This is the case when rock meets country, and the result of that is something so indescribably beautiful and deliciously crunchy you want to feed it directly off the speakers.

The crisp and polished country percussion blends tenderly with the relentless rock instrumentation, backed by the self-assured male vocals that pack a powerful punch with bold lyricism.

Musically and lyrically, “Grunge Cowboy” is deeply evocative and cathartic, with that grunge aesthetic coherently blended with the roots sound, highlighting the strength of this masterpiece. This is the very definition of a radio staple, and it is little surprise that it has already garnered a sizeable amount of streaming traffic.

This is what forward-thinking, visionary, and dynamic talent looks like: Cultural Frequency is set to continue making its mark in every way possible, and they intend to do that with you, the dear listener, on their side.

To be part of this exclusive musical journey, follow their social media handles, and stream their music, follow the attached links…you’ll be glad you did.

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