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American Hip Hop and Rap Artist D.O.A. Delivers a Standout Project With “Never X Settle”

There are artists out there who just get in the studio and create hits—music that later becomes the soundtrack of our lives. American hip hop artist D.O.A. falls into that category. As someone who has been in the game long enough, he has managed to learn a thing or two about making long-lasting music. Marking his comeback into the music scene after a brief hiatus that saw him go through ups and downs, he now wants to make his mark on the global industry and remind hip-hop music enthusiasts what original rap used to feel like, just in case they forgot!

“Never x Settle” is one of the most authentic projects I have listened to, coming from an artist I wasn’t previously aware of, but I’m glad I discovered him because he is incredibly talented. This is the kind of music I grew up listening to. As someone who has always remembered what that kind of music felt like, it’s refreshing to listen to something that evokes nostalgia while incorporating a modern twist.

“Never x Settle” is a 7-track masterpiece that sees D.O.A. give his heart and soul out in each and every performance here that embodies first-class hip hop artistry.

Take, for example, that opening track, “Visionary”, the way he just effortlessly and swiftly unleashes an inimitable performance that is deep and thought-provoking, educative and emotive. Going for the kill, you just have to applaud such lyrical conviction and flow of thought. The way he breaks through the nostalgic production like a boss is quite rare and a mark of his trademark talent.

The lines “it’s 2023 but this is 2020 vision” are an ode to this track that is undeniably way ahead of its time. True to his words, “Legacy over money…” he definitely should start his own religion!

“Supersede” is another epic banger that feels like D.O.A.’s conversation with another version of himself. Unleashing some rapid-fire freestyles and punchline-heavy bars, he lyrically holds the listener captive, asserting his claim that this is indeed a “lyrical imprisonment.” This performance is guaranteed to remain stuck in your head for the rest of the day; What a top-drawer, inimitable performance!

“So watch for the false prophets that’s looking to tap your pockets and lead you down the abyss while they mock you, we gotcha!’ is where the gist of this enlightening masterpiece dubbed “False Prophets” resides. The track has that west-coast vibe, and D.O.A. does not mince his words about us being wary of fakes; from friends to governments, religion, and music labels. His performance here is open for interpretation, and I feel this is one of the most informative songs from the entire collection.

With that smooth deliverability and D.O.A. just feeding the listener wisdom that feels way beyond his years, “False Prophets” is a huge testament to the power of music to confront sensitive social issues, or what you’d call the ‘status quo!’

“3AM in KC” is another raw, and his delivery here is on point and deeply personal. I don’t know if Drake’s “3AM on Glenwood” was an inspiration, but D.O.A.’s performance is equally attention-grabbing. He covers a plethora of themes, among them his tumultuous relationship with his baby mama, who denied him custody of their daughter.

Channeling that pain and emotion into this track, he delivers some hard-hitting thoughts like the lines, “If I was such a nuisance why the fuck you wanna tail me, save your breath and tell yourself whatever is relevant…”

It’s been a while since I experienced something this good, and that is why I am recommending “Never x Settle” to all lovers of authentic rap music; it’s simply that good and deserving of critical and widespread acclaim!

To dig your teeth into this spectacular collection, follow the attached link and spread the word about the new project of the year from someone that I feel has what it takes to achieve stardom.

For more insight into D.O.A.’s business, check him out on:

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