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Melbourne-Based Singer-Songwriter Daarsya’s Debut Album “IIWII” Takes Listeners on an Unforgettable Expedition!

Daarsya was introduced to music at the tender age of 8, and it is an unyielding passion she has carried with her ever since. She creates music that defies genres and norms and does not conform to cookie-cutter arrangements, as she does not believe in self-limitation when it comes to her creativity. She hopes that through her music, she can tell stories of hope and love and be an agent of healing and restoration to a world in desperate need of love and light. In addition to this, she wants to bring higher-quality music to the music world and be an aid to better emotional and mental health through the medium of music. She is reaching listeners one song at a time in the hope of changing lives through music, telling relatable stories, and always getting at the heart of each and every song she creates.

“IIWII” is her debut album, an album that showcases dexterous execution and one that tells tales of love, heartbreak, healing, empowerment, and spirituality. She sings with such passion and purpose and takes listeners on an unforgettable ride with each and every tune here.

The whole collection is characterful and very soulful, backed by intricate and lovely arrangements. Leaning towards a pop aesthetic, she ensures that listeners are treated to some ear-catching melodies and relatable lyrics that capture lived experiences. This collection is a testament to the power of music to capture the essence of human experiences and the raw emotions that drive each and every one of us.

I was in awe of the song “We’re Alright”—it is by far my favorite song from the album. I cannot get enough of this performance. The depth of lyricism is attractively complemented by the skillful execution of the music. The way she delivers each note with crystal clear and polished vocals packs a powerful punch.

The song gradually and slowly builds up, and as it progresses, the bass-draped catchy beat is integrated, offering solid support for Daarsya’s soulful and exceedingly expressive vocals. I particularly admire the guitar melodies; they weave delightful harmonies throughout.

“Comfortable” is another bona fide standout that cannot be denied by the listener. This tune is very soulful and infectious. Her vocals have a quality reminiscent of Billie Eilish. The emotive delivery and impeccable flows accentuate the weight of the lyrics as she transports a listener to another dimension with that accomplished songwriting and first-class delivery.

“Pray for you” features poignant lyrics and is beautifully complemented by a mellow production that wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace. Daarsya pours all of herself into ensuring that a listener develops their own personal connection with the deeply personal lyrics.
Each and every song here offers something different and is really a diverse body of work that showcases Daarsya’s limitless creativity and versatility as a singer, songwriter, and storyteller. My favorite jams from the album are “We’re Alright”, “Pray for you”, “Comfortable”, “Guard your heart” and “Goner.”

This is a project that I would happily recommend to anyone who loves music of the highest standard.

Showcasing such high-caliber showmanship with her debut project, we can only hope that this is the first of many more from this incredibly gifted artist who is undeniably at the summit of her creative expression.

To scratch your musical itch with this project, follow the link below and make sure you add the songs you like most to your library.


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