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Southern California-based producer Dakred’s new action-packed jam “Hold on Me” is out now on all streaming platforms!

Dakred Hold on Me

Dakred has always been obsessed with music and technology, ever since he was a young lad, and he has been honing his craft over the years, each time coming harder with tracks that ooze charisma, deserved acclaim, and raw talent. His critically acclaimed “Your Love” EP showcased someone who had finally nailed down his craft and could only get better from there, and that has been the case for Dakred. His music features that strong melodic bass layered with scores of complex accompaniment, producing an eclectic blend that celebrates diversity and culture in its own unique ways.

He decided to take his sound a notch higher, and that is how the dance-inducing, complex, and ethereally fulfilling soundtrack to “Hold on Me” was born. Like the true dance-floor annihilator he can be, Dakred advances a sterling mixture of atmospheric synths, a club-appropriate beat, and frantic drops in this masterpiece.

Dakred is able to forge an unforgettable heavy sound that gives off a real summer vibe. The kinetic bass-banging groove over the invigorating electronic drops sends your mind on a euphoric journey that will make you want to move nonstop.

And before you have gotten enough of these action-packed melodies, you get to contend with the powerful, sweet-sounding, and euphonious vocals that drive the epic beats into your sound system with a vengeance. Tell you what; Dakred does a consummate job of fashioning both dance-floor hell and sing-along electronic groove.

Dance floor ready and featuring the up-tempo, thumping bass that seamlessly blends with the irresistibly catchy vocal hooks, “Hold on Me” is just an epic feel good summer dance type of banger that leaves you energized and moving with reckless abandon to its surreal features. This type of smash hit translates to any dance floor around the globe!

Just recently released, “Hold on Me” is already receiving unanimous acclaim and tremendous stream numbers on various platforms such as Spotify so far. This is a track that resonates with people from all walks of life and one that is going to be on heavy rotation everywhere owing to its out-of-this-world sound design and indescribable elegance.

This is what virtuosic production feels like and really highlights Dakred’s growth and his deep sense of sound knowledge!

Follow the attached link to stream and add this track to your library.

Catch Up With Dakred on:

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