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Nigeria-based international musician and rapper Darlintino takes inspiration from his near fatal car accident to deliver one moving performance in “The Wire / Survivor’s Guilt” featuring Mannie Akumba.

With this new jam, Darlintino once again demonstrates the power of music to capture the essence of real human emotions and experiences, as well as his boundless creativity and versatility as a musician and storyteller. Darlintino has become known as one of the most impactful independent R&B and hip hop artists of his generation. He is renowned for using his music to raise consciousness by writing about themes such as self-discovery, mental health, therapy, spirituality, and cosmic revelations. His songs shift from mystic rumination to reflections about past life events while mindfully meditating on the present and contemplating the mysteries of the future and beyond.

The night of November 11, 2022, will forever remain etched in the annals of his memories because it was the night he came face-to-face with death, narrowly surviving a horrific car accident that had his jaw wired shut for a while. It was two weeks later, the night the casts were taken off, that he recorded this inspiring and empowering masterpiece that pays an ode to the glimmer of light that shines through the darkness.

He came armed; his pen game is replete with bars for days as he takes the listener on a lyrically mesmerizing and story-enriched journey, referencing vital experiences of his life, including his journey through the engulfing darkness to the dazzling light.

“The Wire / Survivor’s Guilt” is proof that hip-hop and R&B are much more than music; this is a creative outlet and a form of storytelling.

The guest vocalist, Mannie Akumba adds to the track’s depth with the memorable hook and elevates this song to new heights of appeal.

The music video is out on YouTube and is an eye-catching and stupendous visual that is worth your time.

“The Wire / Survivor’s Guilt” is an empowering single that many can relate to, especially during these tumultuous times.


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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