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Musical composer David Kerrison delivers a powerfully haunting rendition dubbed “Heartache.”

David Kerrison is a classical music composer who creates ambient piano and percussive-driven music. His dream has always been to tell his own stories without lyrics, and I am glad to report that he has been living his dream for decades with a successful career. The journey that began with just a simple and genuine love for music has grown into something bigger and more amazing than he could have anticipated. He creates the kind of timeless music that stands the test of time—every song he releases always has a life of its own, and that is what makes him unique and different from all the other composers.

Chill out, relax, and unwind with David Kerrison’s composition-themed “Heartache.” This is what a powerfully haunting composition feels and sounds like. The integrated cinematic scores help to enhance the poignant theme on which the track is based.

The production is first-class, flanked by that crisp, polished sound that highlights the strengths of the composition. The mix is also detailed and spot-on, creating a tune that emotionally captivates the listener.

Ultimately, “Heartache” is the perfect soundtrack to relax, study, sleep, and meditate as it conveys that sense of calm to provide its listener with time to breathe and to clear their heads—even if for those precious 5 minutes!

After a long, hectic day, you deserve to go home to this kind of music that makes you feel alive again. In its own magical and near-mystical ways, this music is deeply felt by every sense of the body, mind, and soul, and that is what makes it so special.

David Kerrison is expected to release new materials this year as he seeks to engineer one of the most impressive discographies in the ambient classical composition genre.

To listen to “Heartache,” follow the attached link and let the tune make its way into your favorite playlist!

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