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The versatile duo of Canadian Dead Hendrix and LA-based Levi Zadoff delivers the adventurous “DEAD SUMMER” EP.


Dead Hendrix is a fast-rising multifaceted artist based out of Ottawa, Canada, who has always possessed an insatiate passion for music and has a penchant for writing infectious narratives that break the limits within punk and rap. He is not doing this for fame or anything but wants to live his musical dream by delivering relatable tales in the only ways he knows how. Levi Zadoff is the SoundCloud phenom who made waves with his versatile sounds before taking a temporary hiatus, and now he is back and raring to go. Based out of LA, he feels he is in his most creative form and can’t wait to share with his fans and new listeners what he has been cooking behind the scenes.

These two met up and decided to blend their musical tastes, which is how the 5-piece EP “DEAD SUMMER” came to be. This EP is an already unanimously acclaimed collection with massive stream numbers on various digital platforms. It tells the tale of COVID-19 and its ensuing impact on the world, including summer’s literal and metaphoric death!

This EP is built upon genre-defying, unpredictable musical landscapes, intimate, energetic performances, versatile and passionate vocal delivery, and riff-heavy and drum-focused backdrops that make for that unique and intensely cathartic musical experience.

In one of my favorite bangers, “LOVE GAME,” this duo blends arena-sized guitar riffs that are quintessentially rock punched with flourishing punk-rap melodies to build a thudding, low-end groove ready to shatter your car windows to pieces. This tune builds on the duo’s balanced foundation, impressively complex yet melodically infectious, and I admit; – the duo’s knack for finding rock and punk hooks is just golden.

“LOVE GAME” is all about being trapped in your mind and feeling helpless, a situation in which a good number of us found ourselves when the pandemic hit and the world stood still. Another infectious banger is “DON’T THINK IT COULD GET MUCH BETTER,” which is delivered with a sarcastic tone. Seamlessly blending rock sensibilities with punk and rap and capping off the performance with those infectious hooks, this track will keep playing over your head even when you are not listening.

Hendrix and Zadoff pack a powerful punch in “ALONE’S” delivery; that laid-back intro might dupe you, but as soon as the track starts building, this track transforms into a powerful anthem with a howling presence. The beats drop with punk-rock and trap venom and are accompanied by a brilliantly contrasting tale of loneliness from each artist’s perspective!

There is so much for a listener to sink their teeth into from this collection that has been critically acclaimed due to its dynamism, relatability, and indisputable showmanship on display!

I’m inviting you to relish every second here, and you’ll be glad you did; follow the attached link to stream “DEAD SUMMER” in its entirety and tell your friends and family about it!



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