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Dean Mark Hilario Enoza and Kimberly Baluzo Collaborate in ‘Elephant Love’: A Profound Anthem of Self-Empowerment, Triumphing Over Life’s Heaviest Burdens

Kimberly Baluzo, a trailblazing sensation from the Philippines, discovered her passion for singing at a tender age, barely old enough to sing along to her favorite artists and radio hits. She is now in her early 20s and has managed to make a name for herself in the Philippines’ music scene and beyond, stealing the hearts of listeners with her unmistakable, heavenly-sounding voice and powerhouse range. She pours her heart into singing, aiming to connect with her audience and unite people through relatable stories, helping them feel less alone in their experiences.

Dean Mark Hilario Enoza, an iconic Filipino multimedia artist, is based in Singapore. He has always loved how music can connect people from all walks of life and how music can change your mood or even save your life. He cherishes how music speaks to us all in a different way and how it’s a universal language. Even if you don’t necessarily know the words to a song or understand the context behind it, you can feel the energy through the vibrations of the tone and relate to that feeling. It’s a special way of keeping us all connected; it is poetry and a form of expression that is so healing and the reason he continues making music.

The result of their collaboration is the powerful and deeply relatable single “Elephant Love,” for which Dean is the sole songwriter, crafting both lyrics and melody, with Kimberly delivering the vocals.

“Elephant Love” is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and moving on from a past relationship. This song draws inspiration from personal experiences and emotions, capturing the raw feelings of a heart deeply caught up in the shackles of a past love, reminiscing about the love that will never be whilst still navigating a mental way out of this “Elephant Love” that is so damn heavy to carry and too weighty to let go.

The thoughtfully played, gentle piano sets the tone for the song, laying a captivating backdrop for Kimberly’s sweet-sounding vocalizing tones. And when she starts singing, her angelic voice captures your soul, gliding elegantly over the piano melodies, exuding palpable charisma and confidence as her emotive delivery accentuates the weight of her words!

Going into the chorus, the intensity of the track is appropriately raised, mirroring the emotional depth of the memorable lyrics and underscoring the meaning behind them. The bass is integrated, which skims attractively over the piano foundation. Vocally, Kimberly has all the fire and vocal prowess fans have come to expect from her powerful angelic runs, delivering every note flawlessly. The backing vocal harmonies add an extra layer of depth and polish to the arrangement.

From the second verse, the song adopts a more vibrant approach with a flourishing signature pop soundscape featuring hard-hitting drums, synths, and guitars without forgetting the ever-present piano.

“Elephant Love” is such a raw masterpiece, providing the perfect cathartic listening experience. The lyrics resonate with such depth and authenticity, showcasing Dean’s limitless creativity as an accomplished songwriter. He does not shy away from borrowing from his own past experiences to create something that resonates with listeners on a deeper, more personal level.

Dean, the heart and brain behind the song, says, “In a world full of negativity, I use songwriting and art as my tools to turn challenges into something beautiful. Through creativity, I transform the negatives into a blessing—a gift to the world.” – Dean Mark Hilario Enoza

This is a track that was written from a place of vulnerability, tenderness, and strength, which is what gives it so much life.

With “Elephant Love”, Dean and Kimberly hope the song offers solace and strength to move on from a heavily weighing past relationship.


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