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Savor the enchanting musical offering from Montreal-based band Debbie Christ in their double single, “I’ve Got Time/We Carry On.”

Montreal-based band Debbie Christ is en route to creating genre-bending music, with the hopes of captivating global audiences and possibly becoming the soundtrack of a generation, fronted by singer-songwriter Clara O’Page who has a way of boldly blending musical styles that is her trademark. She has the kind of voice that transports listeners to a world where vulnerability and strength converge. Her journey through the ranks of the music industry has shaped her into an extraordinary storyteller, with the experiences and lessons along the way fostering her growth and molding her artistic spirit.

Debbie Christ is currently making headlines with the release of their double single, “I’ve Got Time/We Carry On,” a project that has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics.

This tune draws from the band’s signature femme garage rock style, with added folk and punk influences that offers an otherworldly listening experience. Through this lush instrumentation, Clara’s beautifully haunting voice comes alive, pirouetting through the soundscape and exuding such an irresistible allure.

Her backing band offers solid support with riffs, drums, and bass, creating the perfect bedrock for her magical voice to flourish. This tune has roots in the band’s signature femme garage rock with folk and punk twists. The lyrics are openly vulnerable and introspective, navigating the journey towards growth and independence from past tumultuous experiences and trauma.

In beautiful contrast to “I’ve Got Time”, “We Carry On” features a gentle and mellow, stripped-back yet powerful production that is also haunting and wraps around the vivid lyrics like a warm embrace, resonating deeply with the heart and soul of its listener.

This song is all about embracing change and learning to let go even when it feels scary, petrifying, and confusing. The melancholic mood expressed in this track leaves a lasting impression on listeners, with Clara’s emotive and empathetic vocals vividly painting pictures and evoking thoughts.

This double single is now streaming on popular channels. Follow the attached link and let the music elevate your playlist.

For more information, follow Debbie Christ on Instagram.

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