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Critically acclaimed rock band Dedlights release their visually striking lyric video for the single “Infirmary.”

A deadly trio, Michigan-based rock band Dedlights take listeners on a sonic journey through a world shrouded in smoke and mystery with their unique musical offering that defies conventional categorization but still maintains a consistent rock brand. The band lets the music speak for itself, showcasing their multifaceted talents in music composition and performance. It is in their individual uniqueness that their star quality is found, with each member bringing something distinctive to the table, complementing each other attractively. The classic era of rock is already proud, but even then, there is no border or era to which Dedlights’ music is beholden. Their eclectic style within the realm of rock serves as a smokescreen that conceals and reveals the band’s true artistic identity. Dedlights invites listeners to ‘see through the smoke’ and see them for who they really are!

“Infirmary” is an outstanding masterpiece with dramatic flair. This is a track that benefits from incredible penmanship as well as excellent execution, as each and every member contributes to the overall success of the final product.

The driving guitar work, expressive bass, and unmistakable drums create an ideal scene for the lead vocalist, who sings in a confident manner, vividly painting what the track is all about. His vocal tone is grounded, and I love how he delves into metal-like territories with those catchy hooks, performed with low-end, near-death growls reminiscent of a young werewolf.

With “Infirmary,” Dedlights are sounding the alarm towards bullies whose only perceived ‘strength’ is having a loud mouth that always has nothing nice to say. In a not-so-subtle way, the catchy hooks, “your next stop’s the infirmary,” encapsulate consequences for the bullies’ actions.

Accompanying this song is a visually striking lyric video that elevates the track to new heights. It is an ideal supplement as you can resonate with the raw words as the music progresses. They also provide a perfect avenue for you to join in and sing along, especially the memorable chorus.

“Infirmary” is a step in the right direction for Dedlights as they continue marking significant milestones in their budding careers, releasing refreshing, catchy, and thought-provoking music like this.

“Infirmary” is already streaming on popular platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and that official lyric video on YouTube. Check the track out, add it to your library, and send it to a recovering bully.

For more information, visit Dedlights’ website at

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