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Atlanta-Based Hip-Hop Prodigy Denis-Row’s New Album, “ET3RNAL” Is Something Unique and Captivating

It never gets tiring to watch artists get out of their comfort zones to try something new; – and we have seen great examples of that. Just recently, Lil Yachty, whom many had considered a Soundcloud mumble rapper, delivered something unexpected in “Let’s Start Here”. I got similar vibes when listening to up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Denis-ROW’s new album, “ET3RNAL.”

A 12-track masterpiece that was inspired by love and all the emotions that ensue from the same, “ET3RNAL” has plenty of character, with tracks built around a dance-pop foundation with psychedelic and funky influences. This album is packed with charismatic and slightly edgy sets of tones that let you soak in the vibrancy and style that it gives off.

“FORNICATE” is the opening track that features a stripped-back, mellow intro that sets the tone for the track before the dance beats are proficiently allowed in. Denis-ROW’s vocals are icy as he floats over the beats like he is effortlessly gliding over them. That blend of the dance beats and his vocals is really intoxicating.

“7SEAS” is my all-time favorite from this collection. There is something about it that I can’t get enough of. This is a really fun and addicting piece of rap music because it doesn’t stick to standard cookie-cutter hip-hop arrangements or songwriting styles thanks to its lovely dance arrangement and hypnotic vocal presentation.

“7SEAS” has a lot of soul and definitely touches on some personal attributes, and the way Denis-ROW infuses his signature style all over the track earns the track its immediate authenticity. And it doesn’t really matter where you are; when this track starts playing, be ready to throw all caution to the wind and bust some moves like no one’s watching…it’s that addicting, I’ve played it countless times already!

“STICKY” sees Denis-ROW levitate over the beats as he makes an undeniable masterpiece off of his unbridled performance that is alive and breathing.

Throughout this 12-track collection, you get the truthfulness and authenticity of songs that are about love experiences or emotionally driven situations, but you still get that light-hearted and feel-good vibe from the dance pop instrumentation. And that combination is the whole vibe of Denis-ROW.

And while there are plenty of songs that standout as singles and would probably be more than worthy of your time and playlist, listening to this album from top to bottom is really the way to go here, as each track brings another side to Denis-ROW’s artistry and its own vivid story.

Follow the attached link to stream “ET3RNAL” in its entirety and let us know how you feel about this stunningly invented body of work.

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