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The famous ‘Disco Brothers’ are embarking on a show-stopping mini-tour all around North America

Chauncey Dandridge is the resident DJ at the mythical Stonewall Inn and has been responsible for creating some of the best LGBTQ-themed masterpieces of our time. The serendipitous meet-up with Van Hechter forged a creative musical connection, which has birthed some of the best socially conscious, humorous, and enthralling dance music, including the widespread acclaimed “Disco Brothers”- a track so cool and famous that so many of their listeners now identify them with the tag, and they have happily obliged.

Both of them have since progressed from entertaining small groups to inspiring multitudes to dance and sing along to their music. The music, which is normally electronic dance-inspired, is all about life, love, happiness, and growth.

Van believes that the world has become too sensitive, with the woke culture criticizing every little thing. As such, he is of the opinion that people need to loosen up a little, enjoy life, make fun of themselves, and sometimes dance their troubles away. These themes and LGBTQ awareness form the vital ingredients of his music; it is an invigorating blend of humor and impact packaged attractively as a musical bouquet that is such a joy to receive.

As the resident DJ at Stonewall Inn, DJ Chauncey Dandridge delivers electrifying performances, maintaining the heart and soul that this monumental Pride landmark, where the revolution began, was founded on.

The last decade has proved to be career-defining for the both of them, and they now wish to share more of their globally acclaimed music with their fans around North America.

They have just announced the start of their mini-tour in North America, which will run intermittently until 2025.

What the fans can expect is a show-stopping and electrifying performance that will make them forget their troubles, at least for the moment, dance the night away in that state of music-inspired euphoria, and hoist those Pride flags up high to the sky with delight and glee.

Check both artists’ social media platforms for more updates on this history-making journey they are about to embark on.

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