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International EDM producer DJ Blitz sets the stage with a full-blast new sound dubbed “Taking Over Future 3.”

DJ Blitz - Taking Over Future 3

A versatile EDM producer who is proving to be a cultural force; DJ Blitz has been on a steady rise ever since he started releasing his own original records. DJ Blitz has never failed to exude his diverse artisanship on every project he lays his hands on! He has also built up a massive cult following off of impeccably received projects like “Future 2,” which gained him a lot of traction in industry circles and made sure people took notice of a heavy hitter who was coming to take over!

DJ Blitz draws off of EDM and house influences and is inspired by artists such as Garrix, Dat Punk, and Avicii. Identifying anonymously with his iconic smiley alien masks, some critics have argued that he wants to make himself more exciting than he really is, while others have said that he is just another Marshmello wannabe, but DJ Blitz revels in anonymity. In an age where privacy is rare, Blitz is convinced that his ability to create music is protected by his anonymity; it is also a tactical move because he is incredibly ugly in real life!

Following up on the swelling wave of momentum that his “Future 2” project has produced so far, DJ Blitz is gearing up for the release of “Future 3,” and I feel like “Taking Over Future 3” is a teaser of what to expect!

“Taking Over Future 3” is a full-blown EDM masterpiece that just transcends from the ground up and ripples through the speakers with an uncontainable vivacity. I feel like in the blending of those unique electronic features, DJ Blitz wants a listener to savor this surreal experience and actually acknowledge how good it is!

This is sound design at its absolute best; a song that inspires you to move with careless abandon while also giving you that euphoric feeling and challenging your body to conform to new ways of dancing. This is something innovative and futuristic that is a breath of fresh air to the dance scene and music industry as a whole- something fresh to the ears in the world!

In the designing and engineering of “Taking Over Future 3”, DJ Blitz made sure to create something that can stand in his lane and be compared to none other than his own sounds!

I feel like you are not yet ready to receive this masterpiece. To find out if you have the guts to soak up all this musical greatness, follow the attached link and make it count!

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