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Up-and-coming music producer and songwriter Dnigel’s “Summer Lovin (Lofi Chill Mix)” featuring Steve Drakes is an experience that serenades your senses and leaves you wanting more!

Dnigel is an upcoming virtuoso in music production and songwriting, coming through with a tried-and-tested style that ignites the senses and unleashes adrenaline. His beats, a harmonious fusion of innovation and rhythm, captivated me from the very first note. The heart of Dnigel’s music’s composition lies in his intricate layering; – a symphony of dynamic percussion, synths, pads, precision, and entrancing melodies seamlessly interlaced. As a result, the beats that emerge resonate with irresistible energy, with each note punctiliously placed to pulse in tandem with your heartbeat. His latest release, “Summer Lovin (Lofi Chill Mix)” featuring Steve Drakes is exactly what you need on a chill afternoon as you enjoy the breeze, the stunning melodies aiding your introspectively intrusive thoughts.

The music here is warm and addicting, with a haunting appeal. The beauty rests on so many things, but the mellow yet expressive production shines, as do the enchanting vocals that are soft and underscore the compelling nature of this masterpiece.

Inspired by one of the most loved seasons of the year, summer, “Summer Lovin” exudes these familiar feelings as the seamless blend of rhythm and melody vividly paints this vast setting on a beach somewhere, your adventurous spirit uplifted as your face is smeared with impish glee that extends from ear to ear.

I love what Dnigel did with the vocals, intentionally not overdoing them and allowing them to haunt in the background with such vocalizing flair. When you lean in closely, you can actually catch the words, but even if you can’t, the track’s impact is not diminished either way, and this is a field reserved for the very few.

With that said, I feel there is absolutely no reason for you not to experience this masterpiece that I know will leave a lasting impression on both your heart and soul.

Check the link attached and start your lifelong love affair with this single!

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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