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New York-based eclectic hip hop star Dontáe’s Peak blows the roof off with his comeback track, “Fools Play.”

Dontáe’s Peak - Fools Play

Have you ever listened to four different artists and basically felt like you listened to the same track four different times? Sucks right- the atrocities being committed by artists everywhere who are yielding to every trend and refusing to stick to their own authenticity! While many have been allowed to get away with murder to the detriment of music lovers everywhere, the savior is back, and he goes professionally as Dontáe’s Peak. It has always been something to behold how this rapper and ambitious musician incorporates experimental rock and other psych sounds with near-flawless execution, arriving at something that feels genuinely brand new!

After a brief hiatus from the music field, Dontáe’s Peak is back and even bigger and better. He has gone through what he calls a “rebrand” and is offering even better material to get you hooked and feeling sorry for all the struggling artists trying to pin down their identity amidst all the countless trend-grabbing musical styles!

As always, Dontáe’s Peak’s music is incredibly rare and hard to pin down, and that is the case with his comeback single; “Fools Play,” which is as haunting as it is enthralling! Few could have anticipated such a vivid and exploratory, subtly psych-inspired banger as this, but if we are being completely honest with ourselves, if anyone was going to do something this unexpected, it was going to be Dontáe’s Peak!

The way Dontáe swims like a dolphin over the thumping beats is both admirable in its ambition and absolutely insane in its execution…I mean he has no business being this good and so effortless while at it. The chorus-hook section will definitely get you fired up as you sing your unhealthy lungs out and if you are the sort who prefers to listen to their music with every inch of their body- dancing with self-invented dancing showmanship to those irresistible beats!

“Fools Play” really passes the vibe check with flying colors, and I have no doubt you will play it on repeat from the very first listen. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by following the attached link and possibly connecting with someone en route to becoming the most decorated comeback artist of all time!

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