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Switzerland-based electronic dance duo Doppe & Kokke return with an epic piece dubbed “Lose Control”

Inspired by their strong passion for both music and technology, Doppe & Kokke set out on a musical journey towards stardom, and their meteoric rise thus far has been unstoppable. With over 60K Spotify monthly listeners, for example, and millions of streams, it is safe to say that this duo has been an unstoppable force to be reckoned with as they hit listeners one deep house, one future house, one tropical, and one classic house hit at a time. Their approaches have always been evolving as the industry does, as they immerse listeners in a musical world that is worth remembering.

Doppe & Kokke are back with an enchanting double single titled “Lose Control” that sees them take a slight departure from their usual ebullient, explosively energetic, and happy-go-bangers for a tune that is energetic and uplifting with melancholic influences.

“Lose Control” features a pulsating beat, a driving bass line, muscular synths, and invigorating dance harmonies, all backed by the enchanting and seriously captivating female vocals that add to the anthemic weight of the track and give it that melancholic vibe. The energetic quality of the track is appealingly complemented by the skillful execution of the music, with the deep house flourishes punching right through the listener’s heart.

In beautiful contrast to “Lose Control”, “Lose Control – Radio Mix” is a bit subdued; there is a very ethereal and immersive feel to the song, and as it progresses, it gains pace, reaching for a magnetic climax that leaves a listener incredibly entertained. This song brings that melancholic quality to newer and greater heights thanks to the restrained vocals and the way they emotively slink through the instrumentation.

Overall, “Lose Control” is a masterclass in deep house music production and really excellent showmanship all around.

This piece has the potential to reach and surpass higher expectations, just like the critically acclaimed “Glad to be Alive”.

To sink your teeth into this raw masterpiece, follow the link below and savor!

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