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Find Yourself Lost in The Infectious Soundscape of EDM Music With Dovley’s Latest Track ”Wanderlust”

The peaceful and controlled nature of ethereal house music combined with dynamic elements creates the perfect symphony that has a hypnotic impact on the audience’s mood. Dovley, an acclaimed artist, performer and deejay, has presented the fans with an intensive and delightful sonic experience. She recently released her best musical work, “Wanderlust,” in cooperation with Meaku, which is a peaceful melody track with an equally delightful voice flow that gives you that great summer night vibe.

The singer-songwriter, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, has been greatly into instrumental magnificence since a very young age. Her exceptional soundscape features sumptuous acoustic and electronic instrumentation, as well as unusual textured layers of sound that reflect her particular abilities as a musician and composer. Dovley is an artist  who will not compromise the quality of her music; as a result, she has never deviated from exploring with aspects of other musical styles that have increased the resonance of her music. The combination of ambient house and electronic dance music hints to her limitless imagination, giving further options. The production throughout ”Wanderlust” is equally as inventive and expressive as the singing, with a distinctively colorful build up and soft dips throughout the song.


Her musical repertoire, which includes songs such as “Prism,” “Everywhere,” “Be About It,” and others, provides a sense of pure sound satisfaction. To learn more about the amazing musician’s next works, follow her on SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


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