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Songwriter and composer Dragonfly Stigma’s “Cast Away” (feat. Nicholas Berg) is a beautiful and haunting acoustic-inspired composition.

Based out of Martinique, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea is the remarkably gifted songwriter and composer Dragonfly Stigma, whose life has always revolved around music. Since the first day she saw her grandfather playing the violin, a musical interest was sparked inside her that never faded, picking up from there and slowly leading to this moment where she has been blending her musical passion with her own dedication to songwriting to fuel her creative pursuit. She has always loved how music can connect people from all walks of life, how it can change one’s mood or even life, and how it speaks to us all in different ways as a universal language.

Her music style cuts across classical acoustic compositions and indie folk soundscapes gorgeously. She loves to work through those sentimental human emotions and experiences by expressing them in music, as she aims to be completely authentic and inspire others with her compositions. She has always sought to positively influence society with her music, weaving in a little bit of magic and spirituality for her fans along the way!

Her track, “Cast Away,” is a delicious acoustic, indie folk-flavored masterpiece that features the equally talented vocalist Nicholas Berg for an ear-grabbing dualistic ensemble that is pleasantly soothing and heartwarming.

Dragonfly Stigma’s vocals are hauntingly beautiful and soulfully raw, and they serenade a listener’s soul over the mellow acoustic guitar tones to hoist a listener up to within a feeling distance of paradise.

“Cast Away” is the type of music you want to listen to after a long, tiresome day, with the incredibly beautiful voices over the ear-worming acoustic melody magically making you feel relaxed and healed. Music like this is indeed its own form of therapy, whose impact transcends physical emotions!

It is little surprise that “Cast Away” already has over 23K Spotify streams in such a short period; to listen to this undeniably moving masterpiece, follow the attached link and add it to your favorite playlist.

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