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Experience the rhythmic brilliance of “Evil Twin” by fast-rising Austin, TX-based rapper Dre Day 100.

With each passing day, Dre Day 100 is demonstrating his limitless versatility and creativity as a musician and storyteller, proving to be a master at lyrical wordplay, provocative rhymes, hard-hitting punchlines, and rapid-fire freestyles. He effortlessly and swiftly rides over any type of beat, exuding such charisma and confidence and an unmatched presence that has endeared him to an ever-growing audience both in Austin and beyond. Having opened for some legendary artists and toured in some famed venues, Dre Day has been on an upward trajectory, with his meteoric rise to stardom more than assured!

“Evil Twin” is his latest banger featuring another Austin emcee and his friend Lucky Lou, and together, they deliver an outstanding performance over the heavy beat.

With a sawtooth bass that rattles the floor, an 808-driven beat, colorful synths, snares, and swirling drums, this beat is catchy and hypnotic, and Dre Day’s voice is expressive and melodious, ideal for the genre.

On the mic, Dre Day offers a thought-provoking and masterful performance; delivering each bar and rhyme with an eloquence reminiscent of a tap dancer moving between words, sounds, and cadences, exhibiting the intensity and precision of a heavyweight UFC champion.

Like a dual-clutch transmission, Dre Day effortlessly and swiftly shifts from observational daily musings to a provocative demeanor, vividly painting pictures and provoking thoughts in the mind of the listener.

Both of them exude unmistakable chemistry, bouncing off one another with a memorable hook at their core guaranteed to haunt you even outside the track.

From my first listen, I recognized ‘Evil Twin’ as an excellent workout tune and promptly added it to my workout playlist.

The smooth blend of unparalleled flows and thought-provoking observations over this hypnotic and heavy production is why this is a must-listen for any music fanatic.

“Evil Twin” is already streaming on all the major platforms; follow the attached link and make sure you add it to your music library.

Follow Dre Day on his official Instagram account to be part of his budding career.

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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