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“Make it your Own” is a collaborative tour de force featuring producer Dreaming While Awake and rapper Ian Greaves

Dreaming While Awake is the musical outfit of one phenomenally gifted producer and bass player Espen Skaar based out of San Francisco California. His sound is a cosmic exploration of both the retro and the modern with an impressive discography that features the nostalgia of old school electronica mixed with jazz, trip hop, synth pop, NuDisco, Reggae, Phonk, Future, Latin and other eclectic influences. By depicting intriguing facets of his roots, DWA takes listeners to a world that is as intense and energetic as the “Fast & Furious” movies.

DWA is a gifted producer with an incredible knack for turning his personal experiences into songs with universal messages. His latest track, “Make it your Own” is perfect example of what has made him one of the hottest talents in California and beyond. Expertly produced and packed with unforgettable melodies and contagious energy, this track undoubtedly elevates any playlist it is added to.

With this new fiery release, Dreaming While Awake, breaks all boundaries between him and musical success and delivers the best of his genre. This raw masterpiece stays true to the artist’s carefree, fun and ebullient musical ethos.

More than that, this track is a celebration of what happens when two phenomenally gifted artists and producers come together, each recognizing what the other is worth. I can tell you for free that magic happens because this piece is nothing short of magical from start to finish!

The intro features a deeply phased bass, exuding such a heavy beat that is backed by piano keys undertones and other electronic cadences before advancing and layers upon layers of harmonies being added as the track progresses.

The punchy drums, intricate percussion, swirling synths and insane bass licks all make this undeniably energetic piece of music which like all of his work, was built from the ground up!

This is a display of production virtuosity beyond belief and immensely staggering showmanship to engineer a raw masterpiece that makes you feel like you are on top of the world!

The background vocals from rapper and producer Ian Greaves add depth, life and color to this masterpiece that feel ready to take over Spotify editorial playlists!

“Make it your Own” meets all the criteria of those “crowd pick-me-up” types of songs. DWA has done such a fine job of blending old school electronica, trip hop and synth pop together to authenticate a track that will easily flourish in any setting; – may it be a night spot or company gathering.

Exhibiting an impressive blend of rhythm and melody, underscored by an undeniable groove and wit, “Make it your Own” is poised to capture the listening senses that will prompt audiences to move their body as they dance the night away with reckless abandon.

Continuing his evolution while staying rooted in his passion, DWA’s artistry and vision reflect a genuine appreciation for his journey thus far. He will continue to evolve and bring that ethereal perspective to the grit of the game.

Espen Skaar also plays active bass player in several bands in San Francisco Bay Area. To catch him live in performance, be sure to attend the farmers market in San Rafael come August 10th where he will be performing with the band “The B Street Project” and experience greatness live in action.

“Make it your Own” is now streaming on popular streaming platforms; follow the link below to boost your playlist with this total banger that is expected to be on heavy rotation everywhere soon enough!

Follow Espen on his Instagram account for more real-time updates.



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