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DXSHAWN is Taking Center Stage With His New Emo Rap Single, “Only Me” 

DXSHAWN is a 20-year-old Canadian music artist who has built a name for himself as a versatile rapper and singer. He’s acquired a taste for infectious tracks with accessible narratives, all fueled by pure determination and a desire to tell the world his story via music. As a passionate storyteller, DXSHAWN is heavily affected by real-life situations, finding inspiration for his music from personal experiences and heartbreaks, allowing his music to elicit deep emotions in listeners.

The best thing about his music is that he is not afraid of being vulnerable and understands that there is no shame in it and nothing to be gained really from pushing your feelings down. You can always feel the raw emotions in his voice throughout his performances and that is the case in his previous critically acclaimed singles such as “Paranoid,” “Thinking” and “Distance

His recently released single, “Only Me” comes from a very personal point of view and you can hear the raw emotions in his voice- though sad, the lyrics in the single offer hope for the now and the future. This track was born as DXSHAWN was introspecting and found himself spending long nights overthinking about details about his life until he realized, a man is as happy as he convinces himself to be.

Escaping through the speakers, the sound adopts a smooth intro that goes on to ride on a hypnotic wave of some deeply atmospheric and synthetic beats with DXSHAWN jumping right into the thick of it with his sing-song inspired lyricism- moonwalking over the Jammy Beatz-produced beats and matching the cadence like a superstar. The guitar sounds and the drum beats are ever so effective at providing a platform for DXSHAWN’s voice to shine through. His sound is so contagious, sounding lyrically strong yet vulnerable as he raps. “…I know I don’t need nobody, need nobody, need no, cold cold heart for that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m, tryna be a better man I promise…” the lyrics hit home because they are sincere, and they prompt contemplation. He really manages to connect with his audience as an artist through the song.

DXSHAWN’s passionate performance is where his star quality comes clear as he is able to command the delivery in this one and grasp a listener’s attention all the way until the last drop. For a start, this sits right at the touchstone of an authentic masterpiece! He put his heart and soul and you can see he adores the art of music craft with the way the raw emotions come flying from his voice.

DXSHAWN showcases that he has that ear for sound design and a knack for emo rap and for anyone who fell in love with Juice WRLD’s music, this is an easy recommendation. To listen to and save, “Only Me” as a favorite; follow the attached link and share it widely to induct as many listeners as possible into DXSHAWN’s artistic universe!

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