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Award-Winning Virtuosic Electronic Music Producer Dylan Tauber Delivers Something New From an Exploratory View of the Universe in His “I Am Alive” Album

Dylan Tauber has always continued to pave his own path when it comes to the electronic music he engineers; his deep sense of genre knowledge backed by his matchless showmanship has seen him quick to stamp his indelible imprint on countless records that have gone on to top the charts, win accolades, receive massive radio play, and garner millions of streams from worldwide platforms. That right there is the mark of someone at the top of their game: when he is not coherently blending electronic masterpieces, he is either in his cyberspace workshop, writing his latest novel, or working on his fine photographic art gallery…certainly, he is a man who is not shy of talents to exploit!

On the music front, Dylan Tauber is back with another electronically infused album; “I Am Alive”- a 16-piece track that really is a groundbreaking milestone in his music endeavors. This is a showcase of his growth and dynamism.

The album features profoundly ambient and ear-catching tracks that whisk the listener away to another planet for an unforgettable adventure in all things living, including true love. Blending ambient and driving trance and EDM sounds over silky, smooth, and sultry vocals, the tracks here are set to capture your listening senses and trigger memories that will stay with you forever. With this release, Dylan Tauber is primed to leave an indelible mark on the electronica music world, as he has set the bar way higher by redefining the genre’s standards!

There is a plethora of exciting ideas and melodies that have been blended together to make this an unforgettable listening experience. The tracks beautifully transition into one another, and the album still manages to maintain its original spark!

“Love and You Will Live” is an epic, love-fueled electronic masterpiece with a staggering backing male singing voice that adds to that sonic warmth and variety. Right from the word go, the tune jumps at a listener with contagious energy- the male voice delivery really makes it infectious and just the perfect track to play as you get ready to take your significant other on a date!

“Spirit Guides” is haunting to say the least and features some humid female vocals that lusciously slink over the electronic sound space with a designated dualism over the cinematically dropped melodies and rhythms.

Those deep driving beats in “Dreaming” beat at your chest cavity with a throbbing effect. I love how the background female vocals come off as slightly audible…it really is an ingenious way of production that makes the track even more exciting and exhilarating!

“Whales” is evocative in its trance element. The full-on grooves and ambient rhythms flanked by that sultry female voice are why this particular track will remain stuck in your head for days.

“She’s a Dancer” will get you moving across the floor of the house, dancing like no one’s watching, like a smooth criminal. I love the order the beats follow and just how raw, emotional and sweet the female vocals sound.

The title track is just inexplicably raw and soul-stirring and will have you in another dimension. It comes off so dynamic with the epic beat drops that cut across with a crossover pop-hip-hop appeal that is so affecting and life changing.

There is not much to say except that Dylan really went above and beyond in the making of this whole collection to infuse your listening days with greatness!

There you go, there is still a lot to this stunningly invented masterpiece: Dylan Tauber is your headliner, your hero, and “I Am Alive” is that album of the year!

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