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Enjoy The Hard Hitting Bars With Upcoming Rapper E The Elite’s Latest Track “Basically”

E The Elite, an established Hip Hop musician, blows us away once again with his latest single “Basically,” which mixes his lyrical genius and confidence into one hefty track. Although the rapper has made multiple movements since his debut, this tune genuinely drives him to the pinnacle of his career.

“Basically” begins with a trap melodic line that interacts with the listener right away. The rapper quickly begins his fluid rapping, which does not follow a set route but rather flows with the mood to keep the listener interested. The musical arrangements on the tracks is catchy and refreshing, with a trap-infused digital ambiance. His varied delivery and daring lyricism mesh wonderfully with the digital grooves, providing a huge musical and lyrical hook.

On the other hand, the subtleties that appear in all the appropriate locations stand out. Ambiance and passion, hard-hitting vocal delivery with multidimensional angles, and everything in between come together to make “Basically” a true banger. E The Elite is one of the gems that the Hip Hop community has recently brought to light. This music is for you if any era of Hip Hop gets your blood pounding and your juices flowing. We have a hunch E The Elite will rule in 2021, and this single proves it.


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