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Toronto-based emcee and songwriter El Cappo unveils his thought-provoking ‘Porter Package’ featuring the singles “El” and “Porter”

El Cappo, a rapidly emerging artist in Canada, boasts over 40K followers on Instagram, with his recent reels attracting over 20 million views. His rise can be attributed to his unapologetic authenticity and an innate ability to resonate with the masses. In an era where the rap scene often faces criticism for a lack of authenticity, El Cappo’s fans relish his original and raw compositions. His music, characterized by organic storytelling and lyrical dexterity, has made him a standout figure in the industry.

With the ‘Porter Package’, El Cappo is making a significant impact in the hip-hop music industry. The package includes “El” and “Porter,” and features collaborations with gifted Toronto musician, J. Burns.

“El” exemplifies conscious rap at its finest, offering more than just music – it’s a glimpse into El Cappo’s mind. His ability to paint vivid pictures of real-life scenarios without shying away from the subject matter is compelling. The performance is both masterful and insightful, striking a chord with listeners. J. Burns enhances the track with his subtle R&B vocals, adding a unique dimension to the song.

The second single, “Porter,” presents a lively, trap-influenced sound characterized by signature hi-hats, synths, heavy bass, and 808s. El Cappo’s delivery on this track is intense, filled with intricate wordplay and a drive to assert his lyrical prowess, thereby evoking strong emotions in the listener.

The ‘Porter Package’ is born from El Cappo’s introspection about life and growth, making it a must-listen for anyone who values music’s ability to evoke emotions and narrate stories.

For those yet to delve into El Cappo’s musical journey, the ‘Porter Package’ is the perfect entry point. Available on all major streaming platforms, these tracks are a testament to his trailblazing talent in the hip-hop scene.


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