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Long-standing Colombian record label El Ritmo Records presents the Colombian-inspired afrobeat anthem “Un Asado” by Briant Breezy, featuring Maikcel.

El Ritmo Records, renowned for contributing to Colombia’s rich music history, brings together the exceptionally talented artists Briant Breezy and Maikcel in this year’s afrobeat anthem titled “Un Asado.” This track is much more than its enchanting and captivating beats; it’s a seamless blend of cultures and lifestyles—the Colombian culture articulately melded with the African one, resulting in a masterpiece with extensive appeal.

The track stands out in every aspect, from the production and arrangement down to the skillful execution. This music compels you to dance from beginning to end, driven by its infectious beat.

The tune, sung predominantly in Spanish, yet its impact transcends language barriers. It draws you in, especially with its catchy chorus, letting you escape into its world regardless of linguistic understanding. That is the power of music!

Briant Breezy and Maikcel are the perfect fit for this track. Their voices blend effortlessly as they navigate through the track, exuding confidence and charisma with their scene-stealing flows.

The production quality is top-notch, masterfully blending the Afrobeats style with the signature Colombian sound. This unique sound has generated instant appeal across Colombia, America, and Africa.

The official music video is equally as compelling as the track itself. Featuring stunning visuals filmed at “La Gran Colombia” supermarket, it perfectly complements the track’s vibrant energy.

Already receiving critical acclaim from fans and critics in Colombia, America, and Africa, “Un Asado” feels like the party anthem we’ve been waiting for.

The track is available for streaming on all major music platforms, with the music video released on YouTube. Check it out and spread the word!

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