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Established Rap Artist Eli Uno is set to release another banger dubbed “Sticcs and Stones” featuring Rarebreed.

Eli Uno has survived demons that many of us would be completely crushed by, but instead of crumbling, here he is, stronger than ever. He’s got that steel in him. He epitomizes resiliency, relentlessness, courage, and tremendous fortitude and power in the face of adversity. His own life, which has sometimes seemed like a movie, characterizes his own rhymes; he borrows from his struggles, pain, adversity, and triumph to create music that is deeply relatable and authentic, and that is what sets him apart from other artists.

Eli Uno has never been afraid to talk about sensitive societal issues; he talks about things that others are thinking but are afraid to speak about, such as being vulnerable and hurt. After tearing the mainstream hole with that unbeatable collaboration with Rarebreed and Roc C in “Cherish”, Eli Uno is back with another head-spinner dubbed “Sticcs and Stones,” featuring the feisty queen Rarebreed with whom they seem to have built such an indestructible chemistry!

With “Sticcs and Stones”, Eli Uno pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and trap music, creating a new sound that is uniquely his own.

With its upbeat underground and experimental trap-inspired sounds, this smash project offers diversity and reflects Eli Uno’s musical journey and growth as an artist.

More than the excellent atmospheric production, this masterpiece is a motivational banger as Eli and the guest performer confront the demons they have faced, ultimately overcoming challenges along the way and affirming the undying and sheer will to succeed despite stumbling blocks fashioned against them.

Eli Uno is his archetypal swift and effortless, rhythmically provocative, with masterful rhymes, wise perspectives, witty bars, and offbeat cadences flanked by the visual wordplay and irresistible hooks that make this track hard to resist.

“Sticcs and Stones” is that banger you didn’t know you needed, but once you’re through listening, a missing piece of you is restored, and that’s just the power of music to change circumstances.

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