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Indulge in the Catchy Pop Melodicism and Hip-Hop Sensibilities of “Sunshine at the Beach” by Elia Press and Arrinel

Have you been listening to Canadians Elia Press and Arrinel’s duet, “Sunshine at the Beach,” yet? – If not, it is not too late to change that seemingly embarrassing situation!

Music has always been a huge part of Elia Press’ life growing up, and it is the thing that made him feel whole and more alive. Come June 2022, he decided it was about time that he got to live out his music dreams instead of cowering shyly behind the scenes. Taking that deep leap of faith, he decided to astonish the music world with his musical gifts, and that is how the single, “Sunshine at the Beach,” was born—first written at a hotel in Portugal on one of their European tours with friends, including his collaborator on this masterpiece, Arrinel. Producing this track by himself was another realization for him, as he got the chance to see his own creation come to fruition, and he couldn’t be more proud of the work he achieved!

“Sunshine at the Beach” has a crossover appeal with its distinct fusion of catchy pop melodicism and hip-hop sensibilities that is equally as visceral as it is cathartic. This track really combines bold lyricism and relentless instrumentation to mirror the spirit of indie pop and the attitude of hip hop!

The duo exudes a certain indestructible chemistry between them, which adds to the likeability of this tune, and its anthemic features really highlight its catchy and infectious nature. This is the kind of track that will keep playing over and over in your head even when you are not listening to it.

A ‘feel-good’ type of anthem, “Sunshine at the Beach” is the ultimate chill and cruise beat for the summer and translates for absolutely any type of occasion; from the ambiance of your home to the gym setting, company gathering or even at that house party!

Elia Press is just getting started with a host of other singles scheduled during this month of March, including some more Elia/Arrinel duets, starting with “Passion Fruit,” which is expected to officially drop on March 10th. Elia’s solo release, “Diamond,” is expected to release on March 24th, as he seeks to show the world that a younger generation of musicians can successfully continue to make iconic music that has meaningful lyrics and deep resonance!

Before then, follow the attached link and let “Sunshine at the Beach” infiltrate your playlist from now on!

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