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Georgia-based artist Elliot Szabo’s “Brave” album is meant to reach even those going through the roughest edges!

“Brave” is a 10-track collection born from Elliot Szabo’s personal struggles with emotional turmoil and depression, which nearly took his life. It is more than a beautiful display of mellow instrumentation and ear-gracing compositions. This unique collection speaks volumes about the human experience through music, capturing the essence of personal triumph and heartache. Witness the transformative power of music on display in “Brave.”

Elliot Szabo creates an undisputed and unique sound that aims to lighten a heavy heart. The mellow, soulful sound and relatable lyricism are guaranteed to ease the pain and warm a listener’s heart, enabling them to find their own stories within the lyrics.

“Time of Your Life” has been my favorite for quite a while. I can’t get enough of this intimate, heartfelt, thoughtful performance. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Szabo performs with profundity, heartfelt conviction, and vulnerability. The set of lyrics comes from a very personal place.

This tune also features heartwarming guitar melodies, acting as the melodic backbone. And that vocal presentation is one of the most beautiful I have treated my eardrums to in quite a while. From the get-go, you can feel the emotions in his voice. This performance is so pure, refreshing, and sentimental. As it progresses, vibrancy is added from the intensively hit riffs and the pounding drums to add to that textural depth and variation!

The title track, “Brave,” borrows from Szabo’s own experiences with depression that got him hospitalized. This genuine masterpiece has been birthed from Elliot’s own experiences, which saw him face down a demon that almost destroyed him. This track opens up with a harmonious guitar intro. Then it adopts deep and emotive instrumentation as if to highlight the magnitude of the tumultuous experiences and the emotional storm that is depression and battling suicidal thoughts.

Through Szabo’s resignation to fate, a listener can find inspiration to keep fighting and not give in to whatever adversity or darkness they may be engulfed in. His voice carries with it such depth of emotions, and the fact that you can feel every inch of emotion through it creates such genuine impact and personal connection with this track.

“Holding on to You” is another bona fide standout, featuring an undeniable rhythmic vocal and melodic element thanks to that unforgettable chorus that features easily quotable lines and invites the listener to sing along and get sucked into the emotions of hope. Through the seamless blend of the rock-fueled instrumentation and Szabo’s refined vocal delivery, he can create a rich, immersive soundscape, adding depth and texture to the overall production.

By contributing to the overall theme and narrative of the album, each track here stands on its own as powerful and unforgettable, unraveling the emotions and feelings embedded in the storyline.

“Brave” is a must-have for enthusiasts of the stylistic caliber of roots sound, rock, country, and Americana.

Already streaming on all the popular channels, including Spotify, please follow the attached link and relish in this genuine body of work from Elliot Szabo’s heart and soul as much as his personal life!

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