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Emmett, a swiftly ascending music producer and artist in the hip-hop and pop realms, delivers a noteworthy jam with “Sky All Around.”

Emmett, poised to uniquely reshape the music industry’s trajectory, firmly imprints his name with innovative zeal and unparalleled creativity in the listener’s mind. He showcased a knack for making refreshingly innovative hip-hop beats and instrumentals early on, and when he applied to the music production school Interlochen Arts Academy in the summer going into his junior year, he knew that his career was about to skyrocket, and indeed. He has continuously evolved and now incorporates his vocals into his productions, crafting fully realized music that spans hip-hop and pop in the vein of influences from Lil Nas X, Frank Ocean, and Childish Gambino.

After making waves with his total banger, “Attention Seeker” which has gone on to amass over 94K Spotify streams, Emmett returns with a new raw masterpiece dubbed “Sky All Around” which features a deeply meaningful theme at its core.

“Sky All Around” is heavy on musical storytelling and metaphors, with lyrics that explore tapped and untapped potential.

Delivered from a person who is long gone or on their death bed, reflecting what was and what could have been, as well as his associations and their impacts on his success or failure, this track is meant as an empowerment for the listener to make the most of the time they have while still alive to avoid any future regret.

The track commences with a captivating chorus delivered emotionally and inquisitively, backed by thoughtfully hit piano tones. Emmett’s voice is immensely expressive and ideal for the genre, and, upon reaching the verse, he navigates through the track with subtle confidence and charisma, ensuring seamless transitions between verses.

This demonstrates incredible showmanship to strike such a perfect balance between singing and rapping over an equally exquisite production.

“Sky All Around” is a splendid addition to your playlist.

Utilize the link below to stream, save, and share this track with your peers.

Follow Emmett on Instagram, and ensure you keep an eye on him as he emerges as the next substantial talent in the industry!

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