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Ergo, Bria Unveils Her Latest Single “I Think Not”

Driven by her sincere love and attraction to music, promising black female artist Ergo, Bria, is enthusiastically incorporating the raw and strong energy of alt-rock into her compositions in order to provide the new generation of music listeners with the taste of unstoppable and head-banging rock sound.

The artist recently released “I Think Not” a single that masterfully blends the virtues of contemporary independent and flexible music into a dreamy experience.

“I Think Not” bears the artist’s imprint in the form of an exceptional vocal sound that complements the infectious soundscape, with relatable lyrics and crisp production. With drums like rumbling thunder, bass-slapping like a downpour of rain on freshly turned graveyard soil, distorted guitars, and a sultry vocal tone, every aspect of this song contributes to making it an exciting listen.

With each passing minute, Ergo, Bria’s popularity grows, due to her sound being so distinct, vivid, and relatable.

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