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Germany-based death metal band, Eternal Remembrance’s “Gūđ Cyning,” is an absolute thriller!

With music that defies traditional expectations, Eternal Remembrance has been bringing a richly eclectic brew of melodic death metal that is a harmonious fusion of diverse influences, encompassing elements of hard rock, grim rock, and psychedelic rock for one universal and emotionally gratifying sound that is as uncontainable as it is memorable. Made up of six prolific musicians and instrumentalists, their music has been drawing attention from industry insiders and have become staples on internet radio playlists all over Germany and outside. Their eclectic songwriting styles, musical versatility, and multiple vocals have left audiences at their live shows blown away by their powerful and energetic sets.

“Gūđ Cyning” is one of those songs that you simply cannot get enough of, no matter how many times you listen to it. Eternal Remembrance went above and beyond with this total thriller that transports a listener into an ancient world where the war has intensified and dragons are very much alive and involved…breathing fire!

In fact, the intro alone gave me vibes similar to the GOT soundtrack, and that was really epic before the song unfurls into its own vibrant melody that has been intensified by the cinematic keyboard hits to give it that filmic vibe…perfectly fitting to the song’s essence and narrative.

“Gūđ Cyning” is such a powerful metal anthem with a howling presence; through the guitarists’ brutal determination, the bassist’s insane rage, the keyboardist’s bloodthirsty willpower, the drummer’s vicious energy, and the lead singer’s self-assertive demeanor, we experience Eternal Remembrance’s unbridled passion.

I love how the singer transitions between squeaky-clean singing and a deeply haunting snarl evoking intense feelings in the listener.

“Gūđ Cyning” has a great sound overall and is the perfect addition to your rock playlist. Follow the link below to stream and add the song to your library, and go a step further by subscribing to the band’s YouTube channel and recommending this song to your friends and family.

There is so much in store for Eternal Remembrance, including an upcoming album scheduled for February 2024 release. To keep up with the latest updates from this band, check out their Instagram profile.

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