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Ethan Mason Gill is back on the scene with his hit single, “Monster,” from the highly anticipated “God Of Talent V: Ascension” album.

In life, tragically unpredictable events can be beyond our control. This was the case for highly-rated emcee and singer, Ethan Mason Gill, who found his burgeoning career interrupted by an unexpected year and a half in jail. He is now back, bigger and better, and heading straight to the top, where he belongs.

As usual, EMG exceeds expectations once again with “Monster,”  a single off of his highly anticipated “God Of Talent V: Ascension” album. And he inspires us by proving that it is possible to transform even the most devastating situations and the deepest misfortunes into art that is both beautiful and unforgettable. In “Monster,” EMG has delivered all these elements and more.

This highly emotional track is born out of EMG’s own trials and tribulations that saw him serve a prison sentence, but beneath all of that seeming calamity is hope and lessons well learned that have transformed him into the better man he is now.

His slightly auto-tuned, melodious, and expressive vocals—perfectly suited to this tune—evoke raw emotions. The beat here is powerful and catchy, and this track really is a showcase of how hip-hop and rap are much more than just music; this is art, creative expression, and a form of storytelling.

“Monster” is a captivating performance with an infectious hook that is guaranteed to keep playing in your head long after the track has ended.

This accomplished, heartfelt, and emotional performance has only aroused my appetite for the album; I honestly cannot wait for this project, which is set to revolutionize the hip hop music industry.

For now, we feast on this banger that is now available for streaming and marks EMG’s highly anticipated comeback into the music scene.

Follow him across all platforms and prepare for the greatness his new album promises to deliver, set to drop very soon.

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