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Chicago based multifaceted rapper Ethan Mason Gill delivers a raw and emotional single dubbed “Pain In My Heart (Freestyle)”.

EMG’s talent is real and rare; as someone who grew up in the hardened streets of Chicago, Illinois, where it was kill or be killed and survival for the fittest, he flirted with danger on more than one occasion, and it is such street life and culture that allowed him to develop a high degree of literacy that has characterized his provocative rhymes and masterful flows delivered with wise perspectives over trippy hip hop beats. He has a way of penning down his thoughts in a manner that generates genuine emotions in the hearts of listeners, and that is what makes him a superstar who is always ready to rumble over any type of beat and spit some rapid-fire lyrics in a way that leaves listeners in shock and awe!

Capturing the listener with his vivid storytelling over the magnetic beats, EMG comes through boldly and viciously, bearing a concoction of thought-provoking rhymes, punch-heavy flows, and effortless cadence in his new single, “Pain In My Heart (Freestyle),” over the heavy hip hop production with R&B and soul sensibilities.

He is fierce and direct, and you can tell this performance has been bred from an honest place in his heart; he is raw and pulls no punches with his bold lyricism. This performance reflects his pain for going to jail for attempted murder and winning the case only to come home and lose both his grandparents and his dear friend, whom he grew up with in the streets of Chicago.

This is personal, and that is what makes the music register deeply in the listener’s heart. It is also a highlight of the sleek skillset EMG possesses both as a rapper and singer.

“Pain In My Heart (Freestyle)” is now streaming on all popular channels! Follow the attached link to listen to this masterpiece and add it to your playlist!

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